Argentina And Its Growing Prowess

Argentina rugby team has been playing well and their strength might be seen as a threat to established rugby nations as well.

This year the country has done well; recently they were able to defeat the Canadians in their home league run the Super Sevens. The team is also gearing up to host England as they come into play two Test matches in the country. No matter what the outcome would be Argentina will surely benefit from playing against England, a team that has developed their skills considerably and has had an almost uninterrupted series of wins since last year.

Today Argentina rugby team is placed alongside teams like South Africa. Together they are seen as formidable opponents for countries like New Zealand. The All Blacks would be participating in the Rugby World Cup to be held in Japan in the year 2019. They are already eyeing the South African and Argentina teams to be potential threats that need to be taken seriously.

There was a recent congregation for the international rugby teams last weekend. That is where the final pecking order for Six Nations was decided as well as deciding on the cut off point for world rankings, which will determine the four bands to be part of the forthcoming RWC. Among the decisions taken were the top four countries who would participate in the Japan tournament in different pools. These are Ireland, Australia, England and New Zealand. The countries represent the performance trends of the rugby teams and the second pool comprises of countries like Wales, Scotland, France and South Africa. Argentina comes close, but needs to show themselves superior to Wales. Though Argentina rugby is a more recent team they have definitely shown great potential and might soon challenge the world leaders of the game.