Tries in the second half by Santiago Medrano and Segundo Tuclet in the match between Argentina and Canada, helped the Argentina Rugby team finish with a 20-6 win over their Canadian counterparts.

Also, USA narrowly came off with a 29-23 win over Uruguay in their opening match of the competition, as a go-ahead try in the 61st minute scored by the US captain Blaine Scully gave them the inevitable lead.

With these wins, Argentina and the US joins Brazil atop the table. Brazil had previously humiliated Chile to a 17-3 defeat in the first match of the competition played on Friday,

The Argentina-Canada clash played in suburban Victoria saw snow frustrate the scoring attempts made by the both teams in the first half of the match.

However, early penalty kicks by Gordon McRorie, Canada’s captain and Domingo Miotti of Argentina put them both at a 3-3 deadlock by halftime.

In the 50th minute however, a try from Medrano was on point to put Argentina ahead of their opponents. Medrano grabbed and touched down a grubber-kick sent in by Miotti to score the try.

In the 62nd minute of the game, McRoriea 28-year-old scrumhalf born in Hong Kong hit another penalty kick.

Tuclet, who came into the game as a substitute in the second half for Argentina, scored a try in the 67th minute to boost their lead to 17-6. During the last season, Tuclet had made an appearance for Argentina’s Super Rugby Jaguares.

With five minutes remaining on the clock, Miotti added another penalty-kick to further strengthen Argentina’s lead, push the score to 20-6, and end the scoring.

Speaking of the match played in frigid, snowy weather, Alutaro Bavaro, the captain of the Argentina Rugby team said:

“The team was very excited.”