All change in Argentina

There have been many changes that have been made to the Argentina Rugby team. Coach Santiago Phelan has made four major changes to the team’s lineup, as the team did very badly against South Africa, when they were playing for the Rugby Championship at Hamilton last weekend. They had lost 22-17, and coach Phelan decided it was high time that some changes were made to the team roster.

Forward Leonardo Senatore is facing a nine-week ban, as he bit another player during a rough encounter on the field. So in his place, Juan Martin Fernandez Lobbe will be playing, who is fast recovering from a calf injury. Manuel Carizza will be replacing Mariano Galarza. And on the other hand, hugely experienced player Felipe Contepomi will be making his impact felt from the bench.

Felipe Contepomi is doing really well for the Argentina Rugby team, and the coach feels that he is extremely capable as a skipper, but then, for the betterment of the team on the whole, some rotation was much needed, and changes had to be made to the way things were. According to coach Phelan, the team has really been working hard, and that everyone in the need has put in a lot of effort to get to a better level of performance. And right now, better things can be safely expected from the team.

When asked about losing two of the most important players for charges of biting and eye-gouging, the coach of Argentina rugby team was of the opinion that those were really unfortunate turns of events, and that they hope to play a clean and decent game in the future. The most important thing that the coach wishes for his team is that the players have a good time playing, and that they come out with shining colors.