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Northampton Saints install solar panels

Aviva Premiership Rugby Football Union club the Northampton Saints has become one of the very few major clubs in the United Kingdom to install solar panels in their ground that will provide some of the power during matches. The Jimmies have commissioned a company to install 200 solar panels on top of the Burrda Sport Stand of Franklin’s Gardens and according to Allan Robson, the chief executive of the club, with the prices of electricity on the rise for quite some time; it was only natural for the club to look at alternative sources.

Friends of the Earth, an environmental organization working in the country hailed the efforts of the club and stated that it hoped the other major clubs in the country across all sports should also try and follow suit. The Jimmies have also confirmed that the solar panels would be used to power the ground during matches in the stadium and training as well as the administrative offices, and also confirmed that any leftover power would be sent over to the National Grid to help them out.

The club also carried on plenty of other green activities, including irrigating the pitch at Franklin’s Gardens with the water from a nearby lake. According to Robson who was speaking to the media, the technicians who are working on the solar panel project have stated that the location of the stand couldn’t be any more perfect for this kind of work.

Robson mentioned that with the stand being one of the highest buildings in the region, it almost doesn’t come under any kind of shade whatsoever. He further mentioned that the solar panels are being installed with a long term view and the club hopes to be able to save a lot of the environment with their small efforts in it.

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